How we treat and care for our mind and our body has a tremendous effect on our ovulatory health, and thus on the realization of a healthy Venus.  These gifts are most evident in our peak ovulatory years, aligned with peak fertility at around age 26.  It's no surprise that women begin to notice the effects of age on their metabolism, beauty and overall feeling of well being the farther they get from this peak fertility.  That is why it is so key to understand what is happening hormonally and how our cycle, or lack of a cycle,  affects the way we look and feel throughout our lives. In this understanding we can learn how to create "The Venus Effect" throughout the cycle and long after it ceases. 

Some of the recommendations here may not be new to you - but understanding how your hormones, or lack thereof, affect your beauty, metabolism, and frame-of-mind is key to applying the recommendations to obtain the Venus Effect. We call it "Optimizing the Venus Effect".



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